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Tilskud fra den offentlige sygesikring

We have a reasonable price to assure you, we work according to the principle that the
customer is the first, not the money

Note if the case is particularly serious we will have a different price.

Price And Payment

The fees for our services will depend on a number of factors such as the therapy being undertaken; the background, experience and qualifications of the practitioner; whether your insurance company is paying on your behalf and whether your practitioner offers concessions (if you are eligible).

Customers have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at phone number 04 2211 6989 for answers. Or email us at:

1. Provisions On Fee Collection:
2. Regulations On Charging Additional Fees

The time required for a counseling session is: 60 minutes / session. Customers will be charged an additional fee in the following cases:

3. Consultation Fee Exemption / Reduction Policy

Consultation center – Psychotherapy Medcaline has a policy of exemption and reduction of consultation fees for the following cases:


Easy online payment:

Payment Options

We accept the following payment methods:

1.Debit card
2. Cheque
3. Cash
4. Funding by health insurance provider. See insurance for more details.

We accept credit and debit card payments at most of our centres as well as cheques and cash. You can also pay by phone or online.